Artist Painter Watercolorist

My journey as an artist is a rebirth, a vocation received in 2014. After the oil painting of my high school years, I found the joy of painting again, this time playing with colors and water, in the school of life that is watercolor! I love the co-creation that watercolor offers between water, paper, pigments, the artist and the Breath that deep down animates and inspires him… 

I trained in watercolor and travel journal at the Conservatoire des Arts de Montigny le Bretonneux (78).  Then I studied drawing with Camille Toutée and watercolor with Dominique Boittin.

And it is by training courses with recognized professional watercolorists that I continue this adventure of sharing and deepening the art of painting with watercolor. Thanks to Dominique Michel, Muriel Buthier-Chartrain, Reine-Marie Pinchon, Didier Georges and Emmanuelle Germaneau, who have already accompanied me on this path of “becoming an artist”.  Thanks to Camille Legeay-Michel who, through her accompaniment and her workshops (mandala or writing), has allowed me to free my “poetic word”.

 I realized my first exhibitions in 2017 in the Yvelines and opened my workshop in Montigny le Bretonneux where I live. I am registered as a watercolor painter since 2017.

And, since October 2020, I transmit my passion and my joy of painting with watercolor: courses or training courses to discover or deepen watercolor, to experiment and understand, in the welcome and benevolence.

Basic techniques and deepening. Year-round courses in my studio in small groups, occasional workshops: walks and watercolor sketches; or mini-workshops at the Atelier d’Artistes d’Iswiz in Chevreuse.

Expositions et Evènements - Aquarelle

2022    The Tree and Life”    With Camille Legeay-Michel and Dominique Michel in Saint-Martin du Lac (71 Saône et Loire).

Exhibition, poetry reading under the tree and musical improvisation.

2021    The Tree and Life”    With Camille Legeay-Michel and Dominique Michel at the Ecole des Sources in Montigny le Bx (78 Yvelines).

Artists at school: meetings, exchange, exhibition and workshop with children.

2021     “The Tree and Life”    With Camille Legeay-Michel and Dominique Michel. Maison Félix in Montigny le Bx (78 Yvelines) and Château de Beaulieu in Riorges (42 Loire).

Cancelled exhibitions (Health crisis).

2020      Accessory or Essential?   Artists, art and culture are decreed non-essential!

Impossible exhibitions.

2018 2019   “The Tree and Life”   With Camille Legeay-Michel and Dominique Michel. 

Meetings between artists. Conception of the project: exhibition, book event. Realization of the works.

2018    Salon des Arts    Conservatoire des Arts in Montigny le Bretonneux (78).

2017    Biennale de Peinture  Decauville house in Voisins le Bretonneux (78). (Selection).

2017    Vagabond Mood   Maison Félix in Montigny le Bretonneux (78). And ATelier de Chousky, summer 2017 in Terrasson La Villedieu Village of artists.

2017    Accessories au Carré With the association “Eaux et Lavis” Maison Rosa Bonheur in Magny les Hameaux (78).