I offer regular courses or occasional workshops, of basic techniques and deepening of watercolor, in a good atmosphere, benevolence and the joy of painting together.


To share and transmit, to communicate the joy of painting with watercolor, and to accompany you towards your personal invoice (way of painting).

Weekly classes from October to June – 24 sessions

Sessions of 2h30, 8 sessions per quarter. Annual commitment.

Groups of 4 to 5 people maximum.

Classes take place at the Atelier, 57 Rue de la République in Montigny le Bretonneux.

Fees : 150€/trimester, that is 450€ for 3 trimesters. Payment in 1 or 3 times (at the beginning of the term).

Tuesday | 4pm-6:30pm

at the workshop
  • weekly class
  • 1 place available
  • 1st class on Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Wednesday | 10:15am-12:45

at the workshop
  • weekly class
  • Complete at the moment
  • 1st class on Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Wednesday| 4pm-6:30pm

at the workshop
  • weekly class
  • Complete at the moment
  • 1st class on Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Watercolor workshops at Atelier Artistes d'Iswiz

  • one Thursday afternoon / month in Chevreuse, from October to June.
  • 6-7 people (4 minimum)
  • 1st dates: Oct 6, Nov 24 and Dec 15, 2022

Program, registration and fees with Isabelle : +33 6 88 73 64 72 iswiz@wanadoo.fr

Les Aquarellades : Ballads and Watercolors

  • Sunday or weekday : min 1 / quarter
  • Minimum of 4 people
  • 1st outing Sunday October 16: Autumn in the Forest of Fontainebleau or Rambouillet.

1/2 or 1 day, Sunday or week, depending on the weather and availability:

– on nice days, nature outing for walking and watercolor : approach walk then work on the motif : pencil sketch, monochrome and/or color watercolor sketch, according to the rhythm and possibilities of each one.

– at the workshop to focus on a technique, or the realization of a personal project or following an outing on the motif.

Painting with watercolor is a beautiful adventure in co-creation with the trio watercolor-paper-water, where each element enters into multiple interactions with the others. Experimenting is essential!

 In the courses and workshops, my goal is that you can feel and understand these interactions, learn to know the colors and gestures, experience the water cycle and different stages of construction of a watercolor etc …
Then play with the watercolor in the letting go! We cannot control everything with watercolor: we can guide, plan and then welcome and do with what happens.

The co-creation with watercolor, leads us to the “school of life” where everything is an experience that allows us to learn, to progress and to refine our path.

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