“The Tree is that power which slowly marries the sky (…) Thus you, little man, are the one who is fulfilled”.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – Citadelle.

"The Tree and Life"

The Tree, this living being called to grow towards the light and the sky, well rooted in the earth and connected to the others, in the mineral, vegetable, animal and human world. 

It rises, slowly over time … Is there an obstacle? It integrates it, overcomes it, then finds the path of growth in verticality towards the light. From the stump that we think is dead, life is reborn.

The tree is for me a metaphor for the path of growth of the human being. It invites me to “metanoia”: this inner turning to choose life and grow in humanity.

I believe that it calls human beings to “a brotherhood of forests”: to take care of life in all and in all! And together, to take care of the living in all its forms! 

Welcome to these companions who inspire and teach… May they inspire you to love life!